1999  Accomplishments

16 Athletes advanced to the AAU National Junior Olympics in Cleveland ,Ohio


2000   Accomplishments


33 Athletes Advanced to the National Junior Olympics in Orlando, FL

2001 Accomplishments

43 Athletes Qualified for AAU State Competition

35 Athletes Qualified and Advanced to the
AAU National Jr. Olympics in Norfolk, Virginia


Thirty-one athletes traveled to Norfolk, Virginia and


 participated in the AAU National Junior Olympic Games.
These thirty-one athletes competed in 50 individual events


that resulted in a total of 14 medalists.  


2 National Champions  


2 - Gold     1 - Silver    1 - Bronze

other medalists for 4th to 8th place finish  


FFTC athletes finished in the top 10 in 17 different events.

Coaching Staff: 

Andrea Oliver        Wayne Carter 
Anthony Sullivan    Oscar Johnson     

Tonya Leaks         Donald Marshall     Coach Dash

Athletic Director:  Glenda Williams