About Us


The FAST FORWARD TRAK CLUB is a non-profit organization, which came into existence on October  24, 1998  and enjoyed its first season of competition, March - August 1999. 

Mrs. Gisela Covington, a track  and field enthustiast, was the catalyst that got things moving by getting a  group of  concerned parents and community leaders together to form a new track and field club.

This group, which also became the board of directors, envisioned that this new club would rise above the traditional track and field arena and branch out to develop our youth into viable, contributing members of our communities through high academic achievement, self-esteem, healthy lifestyles and a high level of self confidence, to include cultural diversity.  In addition, the members of this new club would be provided the opportunity to participate at the highest levels of amateur track and field competition.

These board members embraced this vision and demonstrated unselfish support by providing the initial foundation to spring forward.

The following members spent countless volunteer hours to make this vision a reality and thus FAST FORWARD TRAK CLUB began.

Lorenzo S. Hogans, Gisela Covington, Arelia Parker, Michael Wansley, Glenda Williams, Maria Ochoa, Sherilyn Oliver, Wayne Carter and Robert  L. Kidd, Jr.




Fast Forward Trak Club, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3)

NON-PROFIT Organization. 

All Contributions are tax deductible.