Track Registration Fees & Information   2010

A registration fee of $85.00 is required for each athlete. This fee is used to cover athletes AAU membership ($14.00), practice facility, the cost of club operations such as postage, stationary, general expense, equipment, uniforms and storage.  

Fast Forward Trak Club will registered each season with either AAU or USA Track and Field and/or both; it depends on which Junior Olympics will be practical for our club and athletes.

The club uniform is required for those athletes who plan to compete  (uniform must be in good condition when returned).  You may also purchase uniforms at club cost if you wish.


$85.00 ................... Club Registration    /   $15.00 .... Uniform 


 Family Plan: 

You are not required to pay the total fee at one time unless you desire to do so.  The club will accept partial payments, but the $30.00 club fee is due with your registration/application form. 


The registration fee for high school students coming from their high school track team is $25.00.

College students have free membership while enrolled in college (refundable $25.00 uniform deposit still required).  


All payments must be forwarded to the Registration Committee. 


Please make checks payable to Fast Forward Trak Club and indicate the name of the athlete the payment is for.


In addition to the club fees, many of the competitions charge entry fees.  Other expenses may include competition outside of the Tampa Bay area that requires travel and lodging expenses.  Fast Forward Trak Club hosts a number of fund-raising events and conducts many efforts to raise funds; however, the proceeds from these activities may not cover all the cost involved.


 Registration/Application forms   are available by contacting one of the Coaches, Vice Presidents or other club officers.   The forms must be completed by a parent or guardian of each athlete and returned to a member of the registration committee.  Please include copies of the athlete's birth certificate, recent photograph and copy of insurance card if they are registering for the first time.  For more information, please contact:


Registration Committee:  TBA (to be announced)