Neidra Covington - 2005 USA Junior National Champion - Long Jump

Justin Oliver        -  2005 USA Junior National Champion - 400m


Ashlee Kidd      -    2004 USA Junior National Champion - 400m

                            Youth  National Champions

       2005                            Division                        Event
 Neidra Covington          Young Women             Long Jump

 Neidra Covington          Young Women            Triple Jump

       2003                            Division                        Event 
Nadia Covington            Young Women             Triple Jump

        2001                                   Division                                Event 
Nadia Covington           Intermediate                Triple Jump  

 Justin Oliver                    Youth                           Triple Jump

        2000                           Division                              Event                
 Ashlee Kidd                   Intermediate                400 m run

 Corey Henderson          Sub-Midget                Long Jump

        1999                           Division                       Event      
Justin Oliver                     Midget                         Long Jump

Ashlee Kidd                      Youth                          400m




All American is an athlete who finishes in the top 8 of any event at a National competition.


2009 AAU National Club Championship - Orlando, Florida

Denise Phillips                    2nd                              Midget Girls                            Discus Throw

Chyna Collins                     3rd                               Sub-Bantam Girls                   Long Jump

Tomia Evans                      5th                                Sub-Bantam Girls                   Shot Put

Terrell Collins                     6th                                Bantam Boys                          Long Jump

2008    AAU National Club Championship - Orlando Florida

Journey Ortiz                         2nd Place                        Sub-Youth Girls                        Javelin Throw

Journey Ortiz                         4th Place                           Sub-Youth                               1500m Run
Kiona Anderson                   4th Place                          Young Women                        400m Hurdles
Austin Hogans                     4th Place                          Youth Boys                              Discus Throw
Mekhi Reynolds                   5th Place                           Sub-Midget                              400m Run
Brianna Nesbitt                    7th Place                           Midget Girls                             Discus Throw
Sedale Hudson                   7th Place                           Midget Boys                             Discus Throw
Desha Lovett                        7th Place                           Sub-Youth Girls                       Discus Throw
Courtney Phillips                 7th Place                           Young Women                        Discus Throw
Maya Omari                          8th Place                           Primary Girls                           Shot Putt
Mekhi Reynolds                   8th Place                           Sub-Midget Boys                     Long Jump
Austin Hogans                     8th Place                           Youth Boys                              Javelin Throw
Kiona Anderson                   8th Place                           Young Women                        100m Hurdles

2007 AAU National Junior Olympic Games  -  Knoxville, Tennessee

Richard Graham IV              7th   Place                         Sub-Midget Boys                   Long Jump

2006  National Club Championships - Orlando, Florida

Richard Graham lV               3rd   Place                           Bantam Boys                        200m Dash
Richard Graham lV               2nd Place                             Bantam Boys                        400m Dash
Christopher Lampley Jr.     5th Place                              Bantam Boys                        1500m Run
Journey Ortiz                         7th   Place                           Sub-Midget Girls                   1500m Run

Austin Hogans                       3rd Place                              Midget Boys                           Discus Throw

Austin Ortiz                            4th Place                              Sub-Youth Boys                    1500m Run

Austin Ortiz                             5th Place                              Sub-Youth Boys                     800m Run

Christopher Johnson           6th Place                              Intermediate Boys                 400m Dash

2006   Nike Indoor Nationals

Neidra Covington        1st  Place                            39.07.00                                      Triple Jump

Neidra Covington        3rd  Place                            18.04.25                                      Long Jump


2006        Simplot Games

Neidra Covington            1st  Place                     19.05.25                                      Long Jump
Neidra Covington            3rd  Place                     39.06.75                                     Triple Jump

2005 AAU  Junior Olympic, New Orleans, LA

Neidra Covington    1st  Place                     Young Women                 Long Jump

Neidra Covington    1st  Place                     Young Women                Triple Jump


Neidra Covington  received the  2005 AAU Joel Ferrel Outstanding Performer Memorial Award for track & field at the 2005 AAU National Junior Olympics.




2005   AAU National Club Championships, Orlando,FL

Neidra Covington        1st Place            Young Women             Long Jump *

Neidra Covington        1st Place            Young Women             Triple Jump *

Austin Hogans             2nd Place                       Sub-Midget                           Discus

Richard Graham lV     2nd Place                       Sub-Bantam                         400m

Richard Graham lV     4th Place                        Sub-Bantam                         100m

Richard Graham lV     6th Place                        Sub-Bantam                         200m

Michael Bush               5th Place                         Sub-Youth                            100m

* Neidra Covington set new club championship records in both the long jump and triple jump. 

Hawaii Classic    2004

Neidra Covington             1st  Place                                        Long Jump
                                        1st Place                                        Triple Jump

Neidra Covington (Boca Ceiga HS) traveled to Hawaii to compete in the Hawaii Classic.  Neidra won the long jump (18-10 3/4) and the triple jump (40-7) with a lifetime personal best in both events.  She also received two gold medals for two relays she participated in.  Neidra  was voted MVP in the field events and received a plaque for her performance.  

2004   AAU Junior Olympic Games,  Des Moines, IW                       

                                  FFTC did not attend

However we did have several National Qualifiers  and they are as follows:

Austin Hogans,  Neidra Covington,  Santonio Smith  and  Corey Wansley             



2003 USA Track & Field National Junior Olympics, Miami, Florida

Nadia Covington         4th Place              Young Women         Triple Jump

Nadia Covington         8th Place              Young Women          Long Jump

Neidra Covington       2nd Place              Intermediate girls    Triple Jump




2003 AAU Junior Olympic Games, Detroit,MI

Leon Tomlinson            2nd Place                   Sub-Bantam boys        1500m RW

Delasha Williams        4th Place                    Sub-Midget girls         Discus

Delasha Williams        5th Place                    Sub-Midget girls         Shot Put

Marquise Gray            5 th Place                  Intermediate boys        3000m RW 
Neidra Covington      2nd Place                  Intermediate girls         Triple Jump

Nadia Covington       1st Place                       Young Women           Triple Jump

Nadia Covington       2nd Place                     Young Women             Long Jump  



 2002  AAU Junior Olympic Games, Knoxville,TN 

Neidra Covington      2nd  Place                    Intermediate girls               Triple Jump 

Caprice Johnson         8th Place                     Intermediate girls               3000m  RW

Erin Suggs                   8th Place                             Midget girls                 80m Hurdles

2001 AAU Junior Olympic Games, Norfolk,VA

Ashley Sullivan            7th Place                   Sub-Bantam girls        1500m  RW
Delasha Williams        2nd Place                  Sub-Bantam girls         Shot Put

Labresha Jenkins         7th Place                     Bantam girls                High Jump

Erin Oliver                    7th Place                      Bantam girls                Long Jump

Orhian Johnson          7th Place                     Midget boys                80m Hurdles

Justin Oliver                7th Place                     Youth boys                  200m 

Justin Oliver                5th Place                     Youth boys                  400m

Justin Oliver                3rd Place                     Youth boys                  Long Jump

Justin Oliver              1st Place                     Youth boys                  Triple Jump 

Marquise Gray            7th Place                    Youth boys                  3000m  RW

Jacques Barnes          7th Place                     Youth boys                  Triple Jump

Neidra Covington      5th Place                     Youth girls                   Triple Jump

Nadia Covington      1st Place                 Intermediate girls        Triple Jump

Oshaonna Bryant     8th Place                   Young Women             3000m  RW



 2000 AAU Junior Olympic Games, Orlando,FL

Micah Poole                 3rd   Place                          Sub-Bantam boys                   100m

Gabriel Moton             8th Place                          Sub-Bantam boys                    Long Jump

Corey Henderson       1st Place                          Sub-Midget boys                     Long Jump

Marquise Gray            2nd Place                                 Midget boys                     1500m  RW

Ashlee Kidd                 1st Place                          Intermediate girls                  400m

Ashlee Kidd                6th Place                         Intermediate girls                    200m


1999  AAU Junior Olympic Games - Cleveland,Ohio

Ashlee Kidd                1st Place                    Youth girls                 400m
Ashlee Kidd                2nd Place                  Youth girls                 200m
Justin Oliver              1st Place                    Midget boys                Long Jump

Erin Oliver                   4th Place                  Primary girls            200m

Erin Oliver                   6th Place                  Primary girls            100m